Saturday, 9 June 2012

A bit of art for a change (:

Hey, I know this is meant to be a baking blog and all but I thought i'd show you all something different. As in my art work. Baking is my hobby but drawing/painting is aswell, and i know this sounds cheesy and so many people have said it before, but its what I do when i'm stressed out and/or don't want to talk to anybody. Which happens quite often. Which is probably how I ended up being nominated for "The quietest person in the year award" for the yearbook *sigh.* I know, it was really really really embarrassing. I'm quite shy, not that you would notice from these posts. Example A: English, i'm great at rambling on in essays and everything and i get good marks but as soon as it comes to speaking and listenening, I ended up with a D. Great! So thats my A gone down the drain:(

Anyways, back on topic, here are some of the pieces I did for my GCSE art and some other random stuff that i did in my free time(which is a rare occurence these days thanks to revision.) The first topic was pop art and the second was animals:

Ok, a bit blurry but it will do. This is a pop art piece i did of the UK singer ' Jessie J'

Heres another one of her, done under exam conditions ( I know i like the quiet sometimes but 2 whole days of complete silence is ridiculous.)

This is the owl that i painted, didn't go too well, the eyes went wonky but at least it gave me and my friend a good laugh.

A pencil drawing of a rabbit and a toy rabbit <3

A pencil drawing of my cat, Millie, half asleep

The same picture, just painted this time(:

And finally the other day, when i felt like punching a wall and bursting into tears, this is what i painted on my wall. Its a Beatles themed design thing, I'm a big fan of The Beatles by the way, got a T-Shirt and everything that I wear practically every day.

Yeah so I will be posting more baking soon, I've got loads of things i've made but not had time to blog because of these stupid exams all the time.

See Ya!!

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